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Join the movement at International Health Awareness Center, Inc.

Start a Movement in Your
The International Health Awareness Center‏, Inc. is a collective of passionate
Individuals who want to do something about Health awareness now — to
Move together toward a world free. You are part of this movement. This guide will give you the tools you need to take this mission and make it a reality right in your community.
On behalf of the International Health Awareness Center, Inc. thank you
For your interest in organizing a community event. All across the country,
Volunteers, communities and businesses are bringing together their time and talents to raise  money
And awareness to help People with their health problem. These efforts are making a difference.
To help you plan and execute a successful event, the IHAC offers the following guidelines and helpful
Information. These guidelines also define the extent to which the International Health Awareness Center, Inc can help facilitate
Events of this nature. After you have looked through this information, if you have any questions, please
contact at : .

What is a community Event?
The International Health Awareness Center, Inc is extremely grateful to the many volunteers who wish to organize events to
Support the research and programs we fund each year. However, only those Community Events which
Meet specific criteria, and legitimately and genuinely benefit the International Health Awareness Center, Inc,
will be approved by the International Health Awareness Center, Inc.

The International Health Awareness Center, Inc. defines a Community, or Third Party Event as any fundraising activity
Organized by a non-affiliated group or individual, where the IHAC has little fiduciary responsibilities
and little or no staff involvement. These events may include two types:

Non-affiliated Event – These connect the International Health Awareness Center, Inc.  with an existing event, activity or
Program, with either a portion or all proceeds being donated back to the IHAC.
• Special Interest Event – This involves organizing an independent event specifically designed to raise
funds for IHAC, with all net proceeds going to benefit the IHAC.

Interested in doing an event, but not sure what? A community event can be any size, held at any time of
year, and involving a wide variety of activities. Some ideas require more leg work and “red tape” (e.g.
Insurance requirements, licenses, or permits), so it is important to do your research before deciding on
The type of event you want to hold. The following guidelines can help answer most questions, and you
can contact the IHAC for additional information. Some successful past events include:
Hold an athletic event: softball tournament, bowl-a-thon, basketball tournament, golf event, or triathalon.
Charge an entry fee and encourage participants to fund-raise.
• Food for thought: host a dinner, cocktail party, or BBQ, or partner with a restaurant.
• Game of luck: Solicit prizes from your community and hold a raffle or auction.
• Sell! Sell! Sell! Have a bake sale, garage sale, or arts and craft sale. Or, partner with a retail store and
have benefit days, where a percentage of the profits go toward IHAC.
• Raise funds as a company by collecting donations, selling items or perks, or hosting an event.
• Hold an Awareness Event or rally. Set up a table at a community event or in a high traffic area to
distribute information and collect donations.
• Do what you are passionate about: Organize a motorcycle rally, a fishing tournament, a horseback
Riding event, a wine tasting, or a paintball tournament.\

The following are the International Health Awareness Center, Inc approved guidelines for a Community Event. An event application
(found at the end of this booklet) should be submitted for review and approval before the event
takes place. Planning and execution of approved events must adhere to the following guidelines.

I. Any promotions for the event must avoid direct and/or implied statements indicating that the
International Health Awareness Center, Inc endorses any product, firm, organization, individual or service.
II. The International Health Awareness Center, Inc reserves the right to decline association with any organization should it determine that
such association may negatively impact the credibility of the International Health Awareness Center, Inc.

III. The official logo of the International Health Awareness Center, Inc.
Should be appropriately used in conjunction with such
an event, but may not be altered in any way. Any use of the IHAC logo must adhere to established
graphic standards. IHAC event logos may not be used for similarly themed third party events (for
example, if you decide to organize a walk-a-thon, you may not use the Walk MS logo for your event).
IV. PRIOR TO PRODUCTION AND DISTRIBUTION, the International Health Awareness Center, Inc.  must
review and approve all promotional materials including, but not limited to, advertising, letters,
brochures, flyers, t-shirts, and press releases.
V. All media relations must be coordinated with the IHAC BEFORE contacting the media. A
coordinated media effort between the IHAC and Community Event will ensure a clear message is sent
out on behalf of the IHAC, resulting in better coverage for both parties.
VI. Promotional materials and/or advertisements cannot be purchased with IHAC funds. All secured advertising should result from underwriting or sponsorship related to the event .
VII. The IHAC reserves the right to participate in similar promotions and
other Third Party Events.
VIII. The IHAC reserves the right to decline approval of an event if other
non-profit organizations are beneficiaries and/or involved in the event without mutual compliance.
IX. Approved events may check out a IHAC banner to have at their event. Any additional signage
promoting the IHAC must be provided by the Community Event and approved by the
I. The IHAC is not financially liable for the promotion and/or staging of a
Community Event.
II. Serving alcohol at the Community Event should be avoided unles it is determined to be important to
the success of the event. Restaurant or facility staff should serve attendees and/or participants. Proof
of age will be required and signs posted to that effect. Alternative means of transportation should be
available to attendees and/or participants.

III. Community Event organizers must have participants complete a waiver for release from liability
when requested by the IHAC.
IV. All responsible parties should provide evidence of liability/property insurance applicable to the
activities of the event. The Community Event organizers may be involved with various vendors during
the event. They should provide evidence of insurance and include the organizers as additional insured.
Depending on the extent of the IHAC involvement, the IHAC should be
listed as additional insured as well.

I. All Community Events should be accessible to people with disabilities. The event should take place at a
II. Community Event organizers should promote and make arrangements for any special accommodation
needed by participants, volunteers, and/or staff.
I. For Special Interest Events, 100% net (minus campaign expenses) income must be remitted to the
IHAC . Please submit within 30 business days.
II. For Non-Affiliated Events, a minimum of 50% of gross income should be remitted to the IHAC
IHAC. Please submit within 30 business days.
III. All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds and/or the portion of the
ticket price that will benefit the IHAC.
I. The IHAC should receive a list of targeted event sponsors before they are
approached to minimize overalp with other fundraising campaigns or events.
II. The IHAC should receive a complete accounting of all funds collected
and expenses related to the event and reserves the right to inspect all financial records.
III. The IHAC will receive a list of all tangible non-cash contributions to the
events, underwriters and sponsors who contributed to the event.

RECORDS, cont.
IV. Community Event organizers will collect names or participants, sponsors and volunteers and will be
responsible for mailing appropriate materials as needed. The IHAC will
not be responsible for mailing materials to participants or volunteers.
I. According to Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code, the general rule is “There shall be allowed as a
deduction any charitable contribution (as defined in subsection (c)) payment of which is made within
the taxable year.” Subsection (c) goes on to define the term “charitable contribution” as meaning a
gift to or for the use of qualified organizations. To become qualified, most organizations must apply to
and be approved by the IRS. If payment is made to an organization that is a qualified organization, the
payment is a charitable contribution.
II. A difficulty arrises when an independent, outside organization or person wishes to raise money
for the Society. If the payments are made to this independent organization and it is not a qualified
organization, the payments will not be deductible for income tax purposes. If the payments are payable
to the IHAC, then they qualify – to the extent allowed by law.
III. The IHAC has applied to and been approved by the IRS as a charitable
(qualified) organization as defined by Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), meaning that
contributions to the IHAC qualify for the maximum charitable contribution deduction under the
Internal Revenue Code.

The following letter is an example of what can be used for soliciting donations. Please use your
letterhead for such communications. For additional samples and ideas, please contact Jonathan at

To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing to request a door prize/auction item donation from your organization for our
annual <EVENT> that will be held on <DATE> at <LOCATION> to benefit the International Health Awareness Center, Inc
. This is a (basic info on event) that seeks to raise awareness and
Funding to give hope to the 400,000 Americans living with Health Problem.

(More details on your event). Through this event, we hope to donate (either list goal amount
or %), due in large part to the generosity of companies such as yours. We appreciate the support
and excitement you offer to this event. Contributions will be publicity recognized at the
event. Gifts can be directed to me at the address below.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration of this request. Please do hesitate to
contact me if there is any additional information I can provide. I can be reached at <phone,
e-mail, etc.>
Respectfully submitted,

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